Saturday, November 20, 2010

Garlic is a Beautiful Thing

Do you ever have the urge to take pictures of the randomest things? (Is randomest a word? If it wasn't, it is now). I have that urge all the time. :-) Like taking pictures of garlic. I filled up our garlic reservoir (can you tell we use it a lot??) and it hit me. I HAD to take a picture. Or several. And then I couldn't decide which one I liked best... so I'm posting them all.

I couldn't decide if I liked this one horizontal or vertical... I lean toward horizontal, but then I look at the vertical one again and I like that too.

Two questions I would ask you about these, if you have the time to comment and answer me:
1. Which is your favorite?
2. Would you buy one of these as a print to hang in your kitchen? Or is your first thought, "Why on earth would I hang a picture of garlic in my kitchen?"

You never know, if I get some responses to my question I just *might* consider giving away a print... unless everyone's response is "are you crazy?" :-)


  1. I think the second picture is really neat! I don't have anywhere to put a print in my kitchen, but I think it would make a nice picture for a kitchen.

  2. i Think i like the third one the best, although they are all *really* cool :) and i don't have a kitchen yet but, if i did, it would be a neat picture to put up. :)

  3. I realized that I was not following the "Golden Rule of Commenting" here goes my comment: I think a print of these pictures would be really cool. I know you weren't planning to give away multiple prints, but I think that a collection would be neat, like with a long picture on one side (like the 2nd picture) and then a couple other size ones beside it. I like things like that. It might go in our kitchen, and if not, well, I'd save it for my own kitchen someday. :)
    I will try to comment more, sorry I've been so negligent in my duties! :) I LOVE looking at your blog!

  4. Hi! I like the 2nd photo--it says "garlic" more than the others and the lighting is nice. And I don't think it would be crazy to hang it on a kitchen wall. :)

  5. I love the garlic pictures. One of the first jobs Emma had in the kitchen when she was about a year old was to peel a whole garlic. She would be very patient and peel every one of them. I think it would look great if it fit the decor of the kitchen.

    Mrs. WEbb


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