Monday, January 10, 2011

I Heart Faces - Smiles


Low light and cities... two things I really don't like and two things that, incidentally, appear in this photo. :-) This is one of the most delightful young women I know. She has such enthusiasm and an infectious smile. This photo is from when we were walking back to the train station in the city at night after a glorious evening of singing Handel's Messiah. It was a totally candid shot - she just turned around and smiled at me and I took her picture. Even though it is low light, I love it... it really captures her sweet personality. Not to mention I like the bokeh... :-)


  1. Great smile! Love the post processing! She is gorgeous.

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous! I love this shot and the bokeh!!!

  3. Beautiful! What a perfect smile, so full of life!

  4. Love love love that photo! And I love the girl in it! ;)

  5. Great smile! nice work! candid! love it

  6. despite the things that you didn't like, the photo came out great. and the texture/treatment that you added made it great as well!

  7. Thank you all for the comments! :-)

  8. I love cities, and when a photo is sharp, I almost like the graininess low light gives to it - Bravo! You did an awesome job with it. Her smile is truly beautiful.

    I just found your blog, (from Lauren Anne, congrats on winning her contest!) so I am going through your archives; thus, the comment on an old post! :)

  9. Shilohmae - Thank you! And I agree with you, her smile is gorgeous and always brightens my day.
    Thanks for stopping by! Come again! :-)


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