Friday, February 18, 2011

C.A.P.T.U.R.E. Photography Workshop!

Shining Light Photography has just released details about their brand new photography workshop, C.A.P.T.U.R.E.!

This is a photography workshop hosted by two Christian young women, Allison and Laura! (Click on their names to visit their personal photography blogs!). I don't know about you, but I think it's about time there were some more Christian based photography workshops and classes out there. Photography is an art form, and there are plenty of people out there who misuse it and make what shouldn't be art, into "art." It's wonderful to know that there is a wholesome, Christ-centered workshop for Christian photographers!

The first C.A.P.T.U.R.E. workshop will be hosted in Centerville, Tennessee. It's a week-long course, during which you will receive "hands-on instruction and professional critiques, go on photo-outings, compete in photographic competitions, learn to view God's world with new eyes, lots of laughter (plus  a few surprises!) and last but not least whole-hearted encouragement from your fellow classmates." And the pricing has great options for multiple family members who want to attend!

C.A.P.T.U.R.E. Centerville takes place June 6-10, 2011 (that's Monday through Friday) and taking place at Cold Creek Farm. If you can't make it in June, never fear! They're planning on having C.A.P.T.U.R.E. San Antonio in September!

Be sure to hop over to the C.A.P.T.U.R.E. website, scope out all the details and register to save your place!

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