Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When It's Winter Outside, Bring Spring Inside

Some tulips we brought to a friend's house for lunch... for some reason I think tulips were made to be put in square vases. Tulips are such cheery flowers, and we usually get the urge to buy them when spring is right around the corner.

And these carnations were given to us by a friend. Carnations are a somewhat looked-down-upon flower, perhaps because they're cheap, but personally I find them very pretty, particularly several of the light pink ones bunched together.

Go get yourself some "indoor spring"... even if it's a little $5 bunch of tulips from Walmart. :-)


  1. Hey! I recognize those tulips. :)

  2. Hey! That's funny... I wonder why? :-)

  3. I love those photos! They look so Springy and professional!

    I don't know why some people don't like Carnations! I think they are really pretty ;)

  4. I especially love the second photo! It has such a calming look about it. :)

    Do you photoshop them?

  5. Victoria - Yes, I do photoshop my photos. I usually just sharpen and boost the colors a bit, but sometimes I have some fun and do a more edited look. I used CoffeeShop's Vintage Blush action on that second picture and toned down the haze just to give it that soft, pink effect.

  6. Neat! I love CoffeeShop's actions! I have yet to try that particular action, though...

  7. Funny, I was about the comment the exact same thing as my sister. :) Those tulips were beautimous! (though not as much as the girls who brought them...)

  8. Laura, you flatter us too much. :-) The tulips were nice... and just for the record, I realized that my post may have implied that the tulips we brought you were the $5 variety from Walmart, but they were not. They were the *far* more expensive kind from Whole Foods (you know, ALL NATURAL tulips!! :-).

  9. Lovely, I really liked the second one :)

    Bella Skye


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