Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creamy Spiced Squash Soup - Yum!

My sister and I invented this soup a while back... it's super healthy and quite tasty into the bargain! Get the recipe here.

I had intended to have some photo shoot pictures up by now, but I got sick this week and am recovering. *sigh* I promise to have them up at some point! :-)
There is still time left tonight to enter the Lilla Rose Giveaway!


  1. Feel better soon dear!


  2. Thanks, RJ! I'm getting there! :-)

  3. ooooh... that soup recipe looks delicious. I would love to try making it sometime. What is yucan syrup (or whatever it was :) and where do you get it?

    I am sorry you're sick, by the way! I am, too, so I empathize. =) My guess is that somebody was passing it around Liberty Day, since so many of us came down with it right afterwards. I hope you're on the mend!


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