Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs of Spring

Despite the dusting of snow we got yesterday, we had some heavenly warm days last week and things are coming alive! Looking forward to tulips in the front beds...
I love the dew drops and bokeh in this picture! This one is SOOC (straight out of camera, no editing).

P.S. Watch for some fun photo shoot posts coming up next week! I have a crazy weekend ahead so I'm afraid it will be quiet around here for a few days, but I have a bunch of photos I want to post (when I find the time!). In the meantime, don't forget to enter my Lilla Rose giveaway!


  1. must be lovely! Unfortunately, over here, its summertime all year round. :(

    Love the bokeh! Looking forward to see your posts!

  2. Beautiful shot - love that it's sooc;-)

  3. We having tulips blooming here!


  4. Thanks, RJ!

    Victoria - Spring and Autumn are my two favorite seasons... I go back and forth on which one is nicer. Summer is actually my least favorite, so I guess I shouldn't move out your way. :-) You should come over here and experience the beauty of spring!

    Hannah M - Thank you! Sometimes a picture just doesn't look the same when it's edited and it's just better to leave it SOOC. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hannah - No fair! Oh well, perhaps ours will be blooming when yours have faded already. :-)


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