Saturday, June 18, 2011

From My Yard

These blooms have faded now, but I still wanted to post some pictures I took earlier this spring of the lovely flowers in our yard. I was looking forward to flower photos this year because I didn't have my 50m 2.8 lens last spring (and I love the bokeh from the 50mm!).

A tulip...
Has anyone else noticed it is hard to get red flowers to look true to life in photos?

We have a wonderful "wall" of lilacs on the edge of our property, with 3 different kinds of lilacs.

There are the larger, more feathery blooms like these, 

And then the softer, clouds of blossoms like these!

I never can decide which I like better.

We also have several varieties of crabapples. I always love this one when it's not quite in full bloom, when there is the mix of white flowers with pink-tinted buds.

This is the reddish crabapple, not blooming yet

And the pink crabapple!

This is the redbud tree... I loved how the colors and bokeh came out in this one. Unfortunately I was very busy around the time this bloomed so I didn't get too many pictures. Perhaps that's just as well since I recall I got rather a lot last year. :-)


  1. I absolutely think the last picture on this post it the BEST one out of all your pictures of flowers.

    I love Crab Apple trees!


  2. Ohh...I simply ADORE the pictures of the crabapples! It's beautiful! The lilacs are pretty too! You did a great job capturing them!

  3. Hannah - Thanks! I just loved that one with the bright flowers popping off the dark background! It has sort of an asian feel I think (which is maybe why you like it :-).

    Thanks so much, Victoria!

  4. A WALL of lilacs???? How delightful!!

    (I will try not to wish we had one in bloom at this moment.)

  5. What beautiful lilacs! My mother LOVES them :) She was recently able to get some cuttings from a old farmhouse that was being sold, and she planted them around our house. A few survived, and we are thankful for them, but it is nothing like yours!


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