Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SewTamz Camera Strap Covers

My sister gave me the So Summer Citrus Lime Green and Black Damask camera strap cover from SewTamz for my birthday:

I knew I had to do a review on it. :-) Everyone needs one of these! Not only does it give your camera a distinct look (and if you're like me, you have friends who have cameras that look just like yours, and it's easy to get them mixed up), but it's also SO comfortable! It's like adding a cushion around your neck.

The camera strap cover is very well made; the outer fabric is a durable cotton-type fabric in that oh-so-fun damask design. The inner fabric is a soft and cozy plush fabric with cute little raised dots, and features the SewTamz logo. There's padding in between to add to the comfort level. Ever feel like your camera strap is cutting into your neck? Here's the solution! The cover helps to make the strap a little wider, and the plush fabric helps it to "grip" so if you wear your strap on your shoulder, it doesn't slide off as easily.

I really have nothing negative to say about SewTamz camera strap covers. If there was anything I would say it would be that it was a bit snug getting it on, but that's not necessarily bad as it then stays in place once it is on. The strap is washable, which is a plus... you can't wash your regular strap! I used to want one of those fancy straps that was a design fabric actually made into a strap just like your camera strap, but those were way more expensive and I think would not be as comfortable and practical. Besides... with a camera strap cover, you could even buy several in different colors/fabrics and switch them out depending on the season or your mood.

I highly recommend that you visit SewTamz's Etsy shop and take a look around. She offers TONS of cute fabrics, plus you can get it monogrammed or add a lens cap pocket. Or check out the wrist camera straps!

SewTamz has generously offered FREE SHIPPING to my readers! Just use the code KGFREESHIP when you check out!

Find SewTamz here:

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Cool! I've never heard of such an idea, but it's really pretty. I do want to get a handbag camera bag this summer. There are some great ones out there. Do I remember that you recently got a ladylike camera bag?

  2. Fun strap cover! ;) It looks really cute on your camera! Did your sister have a haircut? :)

  3. Sarah - Yes, I got a ladylike camera bag for my birthday, but I don't have it yet. It's on backorder... good for learning patience. :-)

    Victoria - She did! She has really thick hair so once it gets too long and heavy she feels the need to just chop it. :-)

  4. I spy a dress from a certain pattern!

    And yes, pathetically, that was the fist thing that caught my attention.... I'm afraid I'm on my way to being incurable... ;-)

  5. Haha, Lily, you are officially a hopeless case... :-)


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