Wednesday, July 27, 2011

60 Years Ago Last Week...

Here are more photos from the 50's photo shoot! We had such a blast with this. We spent the whole morning getting ready. Lily & Gretel (the friends who appear with us in the photos) brought a vintage hairstyling book so we all did 50's updos. Then we had to do retro makeup (can't leave out the red lipstick!) and put on our dresses, hats, gloves, pearls, and shoes. When we deemed ourselves sufficiently transported back in time, we hopped in the car (sadly, we had to drive a dark blue Honda Odyssey and only dream of cruising down the road in a bright red 50's car) and headed to Woodstock Square, a quaint historic square near us.

There was a lot of goofing off going on while I set up the tripod. :-)

We certainly attracted a lot of attention and people asked us if we were in the play at the opera house (which happened to be Cinderella... not sure where they made the connection between that and girls dressed up in clothes from the 50's...)

Lily & Gretel brought an assortment of hats, and it worked out perfectly that there was a hat that matched each of our dresses! I have now decided that a hat... or two... or three... will be on my to-buy-soon list.

We were pretty adorable, if I do say so myself! :-)

Speaking of adorable! Tara and Lily struck this pose and Gretel just stood there looking at them like they were a couple of goofs.

You've seen this one already, but I am posting it without the vintage editing... I'm not sure which I like better. Look at that amazing stripe detailing on Lily's dress!! (that girl is an INCREDIBLE seamstress! Check out her blog!).

We came up with an idea of doing this every time we get together, but go back a decade each time. So next would be 1940's, then 30's, 20's and so on... though I find the 50's and 40's so cute that I'm not sure I'd want to give them up to wear 20's flapper outfits... :-)

I hope you enjoyed our little travel back in time. If we do it again I'll be sure to post again! :-) Thanks for all the fun, Lily & Gretel... this definitely ranks up there in the top funnest (I know, that's not a word!) days I've ever had!


  1. Oh, you ladies look beautiful! I LOVE the dresses! Wonderful pictures Kathryn!

  2. Wow, looks like y'all had a great time! It must be so much fun to dress up! ♥♥♥ the pictures! Definitely adorable! :D

  3. These are so cute! :) Looks like y'all had fun. I wish people still dressed like that!

  4. hello girls, you're bringing me back to the "good old times" do you remember or have that picture where Opa and I are standing by our first car, first year in this country IN THE 50's?(Hat, dress and car included :-)

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Yes, Oma, I LOVE that picture of you and Opa!!!! I think it is my favorite! I was looking for it today in that bunch of scanned old pictures you had sent us but I couldn't find it. I will have to scan it next time I am at your house, because I know you have it on the wall in your room. I found a picture of you and Tante Clara and Opa, and you and Tante Clara have really cute dresses on. :-) Too bad you didn't save them...

  6. Wow- you girls should have lived in that era! You look amazing!

    Wonderful job on the dresses, hairstyles, etc.


    oh myyyy heavens.

    I've followed your blog for awhile, enjoying your photography, after I came here from I:heart:faces when you entered the "Colonial Letter Picture" that I adored......

    but OH MY. I adore 50's and I can't think of a prettier group of girls dressed in beautiful style!!!

    Did ya'll make the dresses? :) Can I order one? Do you run an Etsy store or where did you buy them?

    Just love it.

    In Christ,
    ~ Jean Marie

  8. Thanks, Samantha! I think it would have been really fun to live in that era, but I'm happy where I am because then I have the fun of dressing up in it, rather than it being just the common, everyday thing. :-)

    Jean Marie - Aww, you are so sweet! Yes, we made our dresses. We don't have an etsy store, but if you are really interested in having a dress made for you, Lily (the one in the pink/black striped dress) has a sewing business and you can contact her about making a dress. Her website is
    Thanks for the lovely comment! :-)

  9. LOVE the photos!!! Great job!!! Keep up the good work!

    In Christ

  10. it would be a dream to become acquainted
    with you dear hearts -- that your classy refinement, cheeriness of personality, and natural, feminine poses may rub off on me!

    a soon-to-be-friend,
    Sheean ( who is almost 16,
    and both a creator and lover of art)

  11. I really liked the pictures! :) You girls look SO cute! :) I'm really glad to have found your blog. (through the Serven Clan blog) Lovely pictures!

  12. Hello there!
    We just found your blog, and must say that we are truly inspired and awestruck by your amazing skills in photography!
    The photos in this post are simply blissful, and we are green with envy of your darling get ups, as we too are admirers of the fashions from the mid-century time periods! Fabulous!

    Will be following :)

    The Boyer Girls

    1. Thanks for coming by and for the kind words!

  13. I just love your photos so much! This blog is one of the best photography blogs I have ever seen!


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