Friday, July 15, 2011

A Visit to the Lake

Last month some friends of ours generously let our family use their lake house in Indiana for a weekend. We had a wonderful time with our extended family, enjoying the water and the sun. There was no sun the first day, though, which turned out perfect for taking some pictures before I hit the water!

I make her pose wherever we go, poor thing. :-)
But hey, the lighting and the setting were perfect - I couldn't resist!


  1. Beautiful! The lighting IS perfect! Hey, at least your sister will have tons of pretty pictures! :D

  2. OH, I love the clip on the door!


  3. Thanks, RJ!

    Victoria - Thanks! Haha, that's true. She'll never be at a loss if she ever needs a bio picture. :-)

    Hannah - Me too... I have this almost-obsession with doors. That's not the coolest one I've ever seen, but I liked the rusty clip!


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