Saturday, August 13, 2011

Formal Fun

I had the opportunity to take some portraits of my sister in her bridesmaid dress a couple of weeks ago, in an amazing location - a beautiful stone mansion! I took photos of her in several outfits, but I figured I would spread it out a bit, along with a post on the actual house. Stay tuned for more!

Posing comes so naturally to her... if I tried to do this I would just look dumb.
Thankfully, I'm the one TAKING the pictures. :-)

There were stone walls everywhere - which was great since I happen to love stone walls...

The morning light was incredible... and so were these steps. :-)

One of my favorites

This was actually the first picture I took and I just did a little happy dance and wished that she was in a wedding dress because this would make an incredible setting for wedding portraits!!!

Come back soon for round two!

Like the larger pictures?


  1. I LOVE THESE! Tara is beautiful.

    I can't wait for round two!!


  2. Beautiful! I know, if I posed like that I would look completely dumb. I am so horrible at posing...looks too forced. :)

    Your photographs are so beautiful and inspiring! Your angles are perfect. The Lord has definitely blessed you with talent. :)


  3. "Posing comes so naturally to her... if I tried to do this I would just look dumb."

    I be in the same boat, girlie! Ditto that, my sister and myself. =) Oh, and ditto about stone walls, too!! Stone walls and stairs and ornate doors and iron gates and old locks and keys and maybe a whole castle... *cough*

    Lovely photos. =)

  4. These are so beautiful, Kathryn! I love the location.

  5. You know who... :)August 15, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    Um, no wedding dresses for either of you YET ... unless it's cotton! Tee hee...

  6. This was such a fun photo-shoot. I love that dress!!!

    Laura's comment cracked me up. "....maybe a whole castle" I'm all for that!!

  7. How fun! The 3rd picture is lovely!! Can't wait to see the rest of the shoot!

    ps. I love the larger images! :)


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