Thursday, November 10, 2011

Justin & Melinda | Wedding

Last month we witnessed the union of Justin Ryken and Melinda Sanford. It was a lovely wedding (I have not been to an unlovely wedding to date) with a beautiful outdoor reception at the bride's home. It was a little chilly, but bearable. :-)

I was not the official photographer, but Melissa and Jessica, who were, kindly let me snap away as much as I wanted.

The lighting in the church was difficult, with the yellow tones of the lights plus the blue tones from the stained glass windows! Someday I am going to build The Wedding Church, which will feature perfect lighting for any setting. :-)


All right, forgive me as I indulge my love for detail and give you multiple cake pictures. :-) The gorgeous cake and cupcakes were made by the talented Grace, who should go into business, I think.

The maid of honor giving a very sweet speech.

I love that naughty expression on her face!

And they're off amid showers (and in one case, a deluge) of birdseed. :-)

Congratulations, Justin & Melinda!

P.S. Check out Romantique Photography for Melissa and Jessica's photos of the wedding!


  1. Beautiful pictures! They make a great couple. :)

  2. I love your pictures! My favorites are the cake pictures. You should seriously consider going into food photography...serious!

  3. Love, love, love these! You are so amazing with that camera, Kathryn!! <3

  4. O! Soooo pretty Kathryn! I love the photos and your editing style!

    And there are not too many cake photos, either. Wedding details are SUCH fun :)

  5. All these pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for taking them and sharing, Kathryn, m'dear! I still cannot believe I was the bride in all those pictures... it's so surreal and yet absolutely amazing. You captured those moments perfectly too. :)

    <3 <3


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