Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Amber | Newborn

I had the marvelous opportunity last week to take newborn photos of precious little Amber, the newest arrival at our church. I've never done a newborn session before, so it was a great learning experience and so much fun! After taking some pictures with Amber's big sister and brother (ages 2 and 3) beforehand, you really appreciate how cooperative a newborn is. :-)

She is absolutely adorable and sweet and... well, I want her. Unfortunately when I asked her mom if I could have her, I got a negative response. *sigh* I guess the pictures will have to do for me. :-)

A favorite. :-)

For the second set of bed shots we put a pink feather boa underneath...
I think I like it better than the plain bed.

Two more favorites... I love how there is the tiniest hint of a smile in the one on the left.

Thanks to Josh & Abbey for letting me come take photos of their little sweetie!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Kathryn! :) Simply beautiful! My favorite group photos are #'s 4 & 8.

  2. She is just toooooooo cute. Great photos as always! I love those lips in the last photo!

  3. Oh, how sweet! I love the boa :)

  4. Absoultely Adoreable!!!!

    You did a splendid job...

    Your favorite is mine too. =)

  5. So cute! You captured the sweet newborn innocence perfectly. :)

  6. What a sweet, sweet baby! I want her too! : )
    Great job!

    In Jesus,

  7. Aww...she's sooo cute! Babies are soo cute :D

  8. So cute! I loving these pictures...you must have had tons of fun shooting them.

    The little bed is super cute! :D

  9. Awww...she is so adorable! :D Beautiful pictures! - Ashlei

  10. O! Soooo adorable, Kathryn! The little bed is just perfect for a little darling :)

    The one with Amber's tiny smile is one of my favorites for sure...

  11. Kathryn! I absolutely loved looking at your photos of Amber. She is so Adorable. I love her precious cheeks, which you captured so well!

  12. these are PERFECT, Kathryn! what a sweet baby... & that little bed is adorable. =]

  13. Thanks so much, everyone, for the lovely comments. :-) Looks like we're all agreed that she's adorable! LOL!


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