Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes...
+ Peanut Butter Frosting...
+ Chocolate Ganache...
+ Mini Peanut Butter Cups...

= either Heaven or a Self-Induced Sugar Coma. Possibly both.

Cupcakes made by Grace, the Baking Queen, for my sister's birthday last month!


  1. Those cupcakes look absolutely amazingly YUMMY! The photos are perfect too - perfect lighting, perfect composition, and perfect subjects. ;-)

  2. Those look sooo good! Is there any chance you could post the recipe??

  3. My mouth is watering!
    I love almost anything paired with chocolate as you know:-)


  4. Ahhh...that's making these chocolate cravings of mine worse!! :P hehehe

  5. Oh my! I heard about these awesome cupcakes from Tara. But this picture helps me see how heavenly they truly were:)


  6. Oh my! Those look so delicious! The pictures are done beautifully Kathryn!

  7. Wow, it looks heavenly! <3

    Love your new 'About Me' picture!! :D

  8. Wow. Those look amazing Kathryn!

  9. "...either Heaven or a Self-Induced Sugar Coma."

    those definitely aren't mutually exclusive. =D

    the cupcakes look amazing. fabulous pictures, Kathryn!

  10. Hello Kathryn! It was good meeting you and your family at the dance. This post is so cute! Food and children are by far my favorite subjects :) Here are the links for my blog and portfolio: http://www.immerwachsen.com/ & http://littlelightcreative.com/

  11. Those look so delicious!!! Great pics!
    I've never heard of peanut butter frosting...is it the same as regular frosting just with peanut butter?
    Lexie N.

  12. Thanks for the comments!

    Samantha - I was not the creator of the cupcakes but I'll see if Grace (the baker) will release the recipe and allow me to post it. :-)

    Lexie - Ummm... I'm not exactly sure. I would guess so - it really tasted like peanut butter, so I would guess it's peanut butter with powdered sugar and something to make it a pipe-able consistency. Again, I'll see if I can get the recipe to post for you all!

  13. Those look absolutely delicious!



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