Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Typing Away

I am working on a blog design right now and one of the pictures for the header is going to be a vintage typewriter. How handy that I just happened to have one on hand. :-) This typewriter was my grandma's, and she gave it to me, knowing my love of both writing and vintage things! Here are some of the pictures I took of it.


  1. *love* so much amazingness! makes me want to run my fingers over the keys. I especially love the last picture. :) beautiful shots, Kathryn!

  2. new blog design??? ooooh! love these pictures:-) typewriters are the best. simply the best.

  3. Thanks! :-)

    Kristen, guess what... if you come over, you CAN run your fingers over the keys!!! So get over here!

    nzkiwigirl - Actually it's not my blog I'm designing, it's somebody else's. :-) Though, I have been thinking about giving my blog a little facelift. We'll see... in my free time...

  4. Neat typewriter! I grew up typing away on my grandma's typewriter; she used it to write snail-mail, for their small family business. I love that second-to-last picture.


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