Tuesday, May 29, 2012

People I Love

Ok, folks, prepare yourselves for a very photo-heavy post. A couple weeks ago I did a photoshoot with a church family, who just so happen to have some of THE cutest children upon the face of the earth. You've seen them before on this blog, but since they have a talent for growing cuter by the day, I'm sure you'll be happy to see them again. :-)

I came home with 600 pictures. SIX HUNDRED. (Okay, 597). Burst mode + fidgety kids will do that to you. And then I ruthlessly chopped it down to 300. And you only get to see 39, you poor things.

And I just have to tell you that I finished all that chopping and got them all edited by the next night. I was impressed with myself. And with Lightroom's batch edit function. :-) All right... here we go!

We started off with some more candid shots on the swingset

And then off to the corner of the yard for posed shots

Gotta love cheesy smiles

And silly faces!

(Too bad I'm not 18 years younger so I could grow up and marry him)

The baby woke up and joined the party!!!

A favorite. I just can't get over the hair.

What did I tell you? Cuteness personified.

Hugs for "Aunt Tara"


She sparkles.


If those faces didn't brighten your day... I'm afraid you're a hopeless case.


  1. All those kissing pictures are just the cutest thing. :) :) But those baby toes!!! That takes the cake!!!

    1. I was rather pleased with those myself... You know, when I edited the baby toes I actually thought, "This looks like a Laura-ish picture." :-)

  2. OHHH my word!!! SOOO cute!!! Your a great photographer!

  3. Love this session!!! They are very very adorable. Good work!!!

  4. GREAT pics!!!! SOOO cute! Love # 7! Adorable!!!

    In Christ

  5. Those little faces are just adorable!! Now I'm going through baby withdrawal. So precious!!

  6. Soo cute, Kathryn! I LOVE #5 from the bottom (baby laughing at the camera)!! You did great. Around what time did you take these? They look like maybe around mid-afternoon or morning?

    1. The pictures were taken late morning - around 10am to 11:30am. It was full sun (not my ideal conditions!) but there was a tree in the corner that we shot under.

  7. Gracious!! These are just awesome pictures!! I love the picture of the children sitting and hugging on the mat. And the 3rd last picture, that is just so sweet! You really caught the happy moments and eye sparkles.

  8. Hi Kathryn!

    I just recently found your blog, and I am so impressed!! Your pictures are stunning!! This shoot is gorgeous. Your lighting, color, adorable faces on kiddos...awesome!

    Keep up the good work!


  9. Just book marked this page... Thank you Kathryn for taking these pictures. You did a great job! And I can't help but agree with the previous comments, the kids are just amazingly cute :)


    1. I may be able to take credit for the photographic quality of the photos, but unfortunately you and Abbey get all the credit for the cuteness. :-) Thanks for letting me take them, it was really fun and I felt like it was one of the best shoots I have done to date!

  10. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!!

  11. Love, love, LOVE!!!

    - Auntie Jess

  12. adorable and photogenic children! love feet/shoe photos, especially little ones:-) Kathryn you could match Bella in your new birthday khaki dress! matchy matchy. Good looking family!

  13. Unbelievably cute :) Nice job photographer!


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