Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Program Fans

What I've been up to recently... making programs for my friend Anna's beach wedding. Aren't they fun? Having them double as a fan worked out great - the day was hot!

176 ribbons cut
88 sheets of cardstock printed and cut in half
704 corners rounded
528 glue dots applied
176 wood handles adhered
176 bows tied


  1. What a cleaver idea! They look great.

  2. What a creative idea! A program fan for a summer wedding... ;-) Looking forward to maybe a new blog design, btw! Lord bless you, and hope you have a lovely evening!

  3. Fantastic Kathryn (no pun intended, just came out that way :-) ). That was a great idea and so pretty.
    You do great work, keep it up, love, Oma

  4. I love them! So pretty and summerish. (I don't think that's a word, but whatever) And a little bird tells me that you took pictures of the wedding. I hope you post them... :D

    1. I certainly did! I'm working on getting a post up. :-) After all day on the computer yesterday editing I really couldn't stay up late to get it finished - my mom said I would go blind. Definitely within the next day or so though!


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