Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Woodstock on the Square

I'm so excited to share today's post with you all. Earlier this week my sister, two of our very dear friends, and I did a photoshoot on the historic Woodstock Square. It works out perfectly because Laura and I are the camera-toting big sisters who have gorgeous little sisters with fabulous modeling skills. Since I take pictures of Tara all the time and could do another shoot with her whenever I want, I got to photograph Kristen for the majority of the time.

I felt like this shoot was a breakthrough in my portrait photography experience! I had a ridiculous amount of fun and as the girls can tell you, I happy-danced my way through the day. :-) How can you get any better than gorgeous light in alleyways, brick walls, columns and a beeeautiful gal to stick in front of said objects? (not to mention the beeeautiful gal was wearing turquoise earrings! Ahhh!).

All right, enough of my chatter and on to the pictures!

I think they should make a CD because then they could use this picture for the jacket.

Starting off on a light note... Tara pretending to drink from the pipe and Kristen sneaking some chocolate

There was a fortissimo on the door! :-)

Her eyes are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Photos of the photographer are a necessity... Laura always insists she's not photogenic. As you see, that's a whole lot of baloney (Laura, don't try to comment and disagree with me. It would not be nice to start a blog argument).

Laura, I loooove your smile and laugh!

That one on the right is a one of my favorites!!!


I loved this spot


There is this fabulouso door up over 5 feet above the ground.
So cool.

All right, here comes what I THINK is my favorite sequence from the day. I'm not 100% sure because then I go look at the others and I love them just as much. But these do make me very, very happy.

Can she get any cuter?

We left the square and stopped at a bridge on the way home. It was gorgeous!

I took the photos below on Laura's Nikon... which is simply incredible. And that's from a Canon girl.

The left one makes me think of a woodland fairy fixing her hair by the stream. :-)

The last one is another favorite

Thanks so much, Laura & Kristen, for doing such a fun shoot with us! I already can't wait for next time. :-)


  1. these pictures are a-m-a-zing!! you are simply fab. what sort of nikon does laura use?

    1. Thank you so much! See Laura's comment below.

  2. Super cool portrait split pipe shots of Kristen. My favorites were of Tara in the white dress on the bridge. oh and I love the color combinations of black and fuchsia, what Tara is wearing for only a few brief photos.

  3. Beautiful photos Kathryn! You all are so pretty. :) I'm going to agree with you here and say that Laura is a wonderful model. And I also have to say the Nikon does take some amazing shots. ;)

  4. This was so much fun! I think our partnership of sharing little-sister-models and photos needs to continue. ^_^

    You're right, it would be entirely undignified to start a comment fight on your lovely blog, so I shall refrain. But I will admit: you managed to take some flattering photos of me (impressive skillz you have), and you didn't post too many that make me want to hide in a cave. So thank you. =)

    I particularly love your right-hand "eyes" shot of Kristen, and the one of Tara with the fortissimo. And I really like the backdrop of the brick ledge you had Kristen climb up on... good call!

    I finally loaded my photos off the chip around midnight last night. (yes, I was pulling sliders around, despite how tired I was... ;) I don't think I'll be able to edit them until next week, but I shall let you know as soon as I have them up!

    (to the commentor above: I use a Nikon D700, and love it. =)

    1. I am absolutely tickled with this photoshoot. I can't believe I've been missing out on that square for 5 years!!! Thank you so much for swapping models... I loved the opportunity to shoot a new face (and an extremely pretty one at that).

      YES! You admitted that the photos of you are flattering! *looks smug* Those ones of you are some of my favorites of the day! You are so beautiful (don't deny it, this is my blog and I make the rules).

      I am SOOO glad Kristen was willing to climb up there! We would have missed so many amazing shots if we'd just moved on.

      Waiting on pins and needles to see your shots!!! Just hoping that it doesn't make mine look like junk. :-)

    2. Kathryn, my dear, nothing in the world would make your photos look like junk.

      Just saying. =)

  5. Oh, these are just beautiful - as are they models in them!! You have such an eye for photos, Kathryn!! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous shots with us!!

  6. I loved these photos! You did such a great job - and it looks like so much fun. :)

  7. Gorgeous!! What a fun area!

  8. Gorgeous photos! You have beautiful models...and lovely skills. :)

  9. this day was so much fun!! Kathryn, you have sweet skillz. :) I lovelove those shots of Laura in the first alley.

    1. Wasn't it though? Aww, sweet of you to say so but 90% of the amazingness of the photos is due to your incredible modeling and the fab location! ME TOOOO! I love how the backlight turned her hair to gold!

  10. These are great, Kathryn!! You definately do have an eye for photography. =)

    I was curious what you set your aperture on for the full-body photos? I got the "nifty-fifty" not too long ago (and loving it!) but I have trouble getting the focus right on when I have my camera set on f/1.8. I would really appreciate your input... =D Was also curious whether or not you have a hood for that lens, and if so, do you think it benefits at all?

    Oh, and one more thing... I wanted you to know how much it has blessed me over the past year I have been reading your blog to see the way you and your sister dress. Your similar conviction to dress modestly and thus protect the hearts of others has been a great encouragement to me!

    Blessings to you, and sorry for such a long comment... ;-)

    1. I'm almost positive that I left my aperture on f/2.8 the entire time. That is my "standard" aperture that I use for pretty much everything, give or take a few situations. With the full body shots I am far enough away from my subject that they are in focus, and then when I am doing close-ups I get the nice soft background. I love my 50mm and use it 99% of the time! I do have a hood for it but I have not noticed a ton of difference between having it on or off. I did have it on for this shoot because it kept threatening to rain and I wanted to keep it safe if the sky decided to let loose! So I wouldn't spend a lot of money on an expensive one; I think the one I bought was under $5.

      Thank you for the sweet comments about dressing modestly... it is always encouraging to know that others are encouraged. :-)

  11. Wow oh wow!! Kathryn, these are beautiful! You defiantly took things to a whole new level with this shoot. :)

    Wondering, what photo editing software did you use for these?

    Looks like you had a blast!

  12. Cute!!! Lovely ladies! :D I so agree with the first picture! =D

  13. The pictures a amazing - you had lovely models. My daughter will have to check out your blog as she is a fellow photographer and will enjoy your great skills! Mrs. Houghton


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