Saturday, July 28, 2012

Emily | Portraits

Emily and I have known each other for 17 years. When you have only been alive for 20 years, that's a really long time. :-) One of Emily's first memories of us is meeting at a swimming pool, and she told her mom later that she "met this really nice Mexican girl." So I'm Dutch & Chinese. Close enough. She still justifies herself by saying I was wearing a really Mexican looking outfit. Which is partly true. :-)

Emily is studying music and voice at Moody Bible Institute, she's won/placed in several competitions, and sang/is singing/will be singing in a number of productions ranging from operas to musicals. Just think, Emily, it all started back in Kindermusik. :-) Anyway, she needed some portraits done to use for advertising her recital and other musical ventures coming up later this year and naturally I jumped on the opportunity! She brought multiple outfit changes we shot... well, almost all day. I hope you all aren't sick of Woodstock Square. I think I had almost 500 pictures. Don't worry, I'm not posting all of them. :-) I wonder how I managed to be friends with such beautiful people? Get ready for some gorgeousness!

I love your laugh, Emily!

Successfully captured an in-focus walking shot. Score!

She needs to join the Amazing Eyes Club.

Another stop at the fortissimo door... a necessity for musician shots!

For the second half of the shoot Emily brought two of her performance formal gowns for some really diva-esque pictures. :-)

The one on the left makes me think of Europe...

Once we got into town people passed by, audibly wondering if there was a wedding going on.
I hope a wedding photographer would not dress in a jean skirt like I was wearing that day.

Fountain bokeh! Eeeee!

Gorgeous beading on this dress... shot on the right is a favorite!

It was Emily's idea to take this shot and ended up being one of everyone's favorites!

Thanks for letting me take your portraits, Emily! :-)

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Conquest of the Peanut Butter Tub

Now the question is... who was really vanquished?
The unfortunate peanut butter tub, or the very greasy puppy?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

Christie | Portraits

Ever since I met Christie I have been wanting to take portraits of her. :-) She's just so cute I knew she'd be great in front of the lens! She was so kind to oblige me and we spent the early afternoon yesterday around Woodstock Square (yes, again) doing portraits. It was a little challenging to try to get different pictures than I got last time I was there, aside from having a different model; but we hit a couple of different alleys and brick walls, as well as the same spots from different angles. I've got another shoot there soon so I'll have to see what new things I can come up with for that. :-)

Thanks, Christie, for being such a sport! I love how the pictures came out... I hope it was worth it for you. :-)

Her mom and friend hand-paint silk ribbons and other wearables, and Christie is wearing one in her hair.
Pretty, isn't it? Check out Silk Life Studio's website or Etsy shop!

Two favorites for sure!

C is for Christie!
(or cookie... or chocolate... or creme brulee)
The C was hand-painted by her sister! Artsy people in this family!

Love the one on the right particularly

I just love it when my model is willing to be hoisted into windows!

Laughter is good medicine!

We went inside the opera house and looked around just for fun, and got a few fun shots too!
If I ever did a bridal shoot on the square, I would use this window. It's cool.

The lady of leisure on her chaise

The real us. *cough*

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