Thursday, August 16, 2012

Branch Out

While messing around with my new camera (!) and taking pictures of everything and everyone, I snapped this photo of my sister. I wasn't really trying to do something new, or even trying to take a picture worth saving, but I pulled it into Lightroom and played with it. I ended up with something very different from my usual style, and I liked it.

Also goes to show you that you don't need all kinds of fancy stuff to get the "studio look." She was sitting on the ottoman of our old, very beat-up rocking chair in front of a window, I was standing and shooting angled down. There's a dark wood table in the top left corner and I edited out the tissue box on it. :-) On the other side is a tan couch. She was probably still holding on to the dog toy she'd just been playing with (along with the dog... she may be odd sometimes but she doesn't play with dog toys by herself). The photo was underexposed for the scene by my normal standards, and then I added a heavy vignette to further darken everything around her face. Voila!

So... try something new today. Branch out. You might have fun and like the results. :-)


  1. I like this!

    Is that the before and after shot or two different edits?

    1. Two different edits! I guess I could have posted the straight out of camera shot too... didn't think about that. :-)


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