Saturday, August 18, 2012

Planning... | Personal

For my whole life, except for the brief first 20 months when she didn't exist, I have shared a room with my sister. When we were younger we schemed about having our own rooms next to each other, with french doors in between so we could still make it like one big room if we wanted to (even better yet, how about HIDDEN doors! Yeah!!!), but we never really thought it would happen and really, we were okay with that. When you are used to sharing a room it is pretty weird trying to sleep in a room all by yourself.

But... we're "big girls" now, and Tara revived the old idea of our own personal rooms (though we forfeited the idea of hidden doors in between). With her puppy, we are kind of on different schedules and she thought maybe it'd be fun to have our own space as well. Not to mention an excuse to redecorate. The guest room, soon to be her room, hasn't been touched since we moved in and is badly in need of a makeover (can anyone say hunter green and maroon speckled walls?), while our room still sports pink walls, cottage rose quilts and four poster "princess beds," picked out when we had less mature taste. :-) It's not THAT bad or we would have redone it before now...

Anyway, I get to stay in our original room which is quite large, so I am planning to redecorate and make it so I can use it sort of as an informal photography studio. We have lots of windows in there for great light, but with rose pink walls, any pictures taken in there had a pink cast on them. :-) I'm thinking light grey walls (hence the paint chip photo above)... and some kind of accent color. Saffron yellow??

Just a snippet out of my daily life... enjoy your weekend!


  1. When I saw that Tara was moving into the guest room I wondered if you were going to use part of your old/new ;) room for photography something. :)

    Glad to read a snipped of your life; have fun re-decorating!

  2. Have fun re-decorating! I love that you are using part of your room for photography. ;)

  3. Oooh I like the hidden door thing! That would be cool! Decorating sounds like fun! :D

  4. I really really like gray! I think any color looks fabulous with it and would work as an accent, as you mention. I'm also a bit obsessed with most shades of green. Not neon and not the green that has too much yellow. so green is my vote for an accent. You didn't ask for any input but you know me, I have an opinion about most things:-) Can't wait to learn how you end up redecorating. We can still be friends if you don't choose green

    1. I know, grey is so versatile! I use it in almost all my graphic design so I thought I would probably like it in my room too. :-) I'm very glad for your opinion... though I will say that I am leaning toward not green... not that I have anything against green, I am just leaning toward yellow, or blush/peach & yellow, or a blue kind of like my blog color... so I'm very grateful for your assurances of continued friendship even if I don't align my choices with your suggestions. ;-)


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