Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aaron & Megan | Engagement

People were predicting Aaron and Megan as a match several years ago. :-) They just seemed perfect together and there was a general exhale of "finally!" when they officially started courting, and another one when Aaron popped the question in July.

I was so excited to shoot their engagement pictures this past weekend! We had it scheduled for a couple of weeks ago, but it ended up raining so we rescheduled, though we fit in about 15 minutes of shooting without rain that first day. I love it when couples look so cute together, and I knew long before we started shooting that they would be fabulous in front of the camera. See, my instincts didn't fail me. :-) I had a wonderful time with this shoot and I am super excited for their winter wedding!! It's going to be beautiful!

FAVORITE! Love, love, love this shot!

I love this picture so. so. much. :-)

Love them. :-)

Megan's puppy dog Tallulah (that Aaron got her for her birthday) joined us for the shoot

I was *slightly* ecstatic when Megan told me they were bringing a two-seated bike...

Schedule a shoot with me - see how much fun we have?? :-)

They're both die-hard Bears fans, so we did football themed pictures -
they really went all out with eye black and everything!

See what I mean? They're so cute together. :-D

Thank you, Megan & Aaron, for braving the frigid weather to get these photos! I hope you love them as much as I do. January can't come soon enough!!!


  1. Wow! You did an amazing job!

  2. Lovely and fun photos of the couple, Kathryn! You did an amazing job. :D

  3. These are AWESOME! Fabulous work..they are so adorable.

  4. Beautiful work, Kathryn! The colors in the first batch are SO lovely, and I love the field setting in the last ones! You guys had a lot of fun, I can tell. ;-)

  5. These are fabulous! You did an outstanding job!!

  6. Beautiful job Kathryn! Those two are fabulous and I'm sooo looking forward to the wedding photos. :)

  7. Beautiful job! Can't wait for the wedding photos!

  8. oh my goodness they are just so stinkin' CUTE!!!!!!!! i love how goofy they are with each other.... and they both have great taste in style. the bike pics are my fave. period.
    your photography is amazing... as always. :)

  9. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. Great job, Kathryn!!

  10. such great shots! they're a cute couple and oh so photogenic! love the diversity of the outfits, poses, scenery and moods-happy, serious, goofy, and all very in love!...which is the goal of the shoot!

  11. Ohhhhh Kathryn. You are such a talented photographer. These shots are beautiful! And Megan and Aaron are so photogenic. :) I love the bike shots, but the chalkboard sign? Too cute.

  12. The pictures are great! Love them all. I especially like the pictures with the fence. :) The lighting is so perfect!

  13. Oh my gosh, you just gotta love 'em.
    Their happiness is contagious!


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