Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Photography Deals!

I'm not one of those people who gets up at 3am to wait in line for 700 hours at a store. (I know, I'm exaggerating. But barely.) At the same time, as my sister will tell you, I love a good deal (which generally means it's under $10) so online shopping is right up my alley. ;-) Here's a small sampling of finds in the photography department for you! Not all under $10, but still pretty good deals. Happy shopping!

*Some of these are also valid through "Cyber Monday," and some aren't. Figure it out for yourself, you're intelligent people.*

Cyber Monday Aperturent coupon:

Swanky Prints Photography Backdrops on Etsy - several of their lovely vinyl backdrops are 50% off! Backdrops are pricey, and these are on sale for around only $20! They also have a great variety of prints to choose from.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is on sale at Adorama for $49! This was the program I started with and what I still use for any special editing (beyond a basic photo touchup) and designing. I haven't ever explored Photoshop CS6 to be able to compare, but from my experience Elements is a great program well worth the money!

Adobe Lightroom 4 is also on special at Adorama for only $94! If you're serious about photography and have shoots with large amounts of images, Lightroom is a HUGE timesaver!! I don't know how I did it before Lightroom.

Also check out the rest of the Black Friday sales at Adorama!

Free shipping at SewTamz with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY or CYBER - these camera strap covers are great! Read my review of them HERE!

And here are a few fun, individual items I found that would make great photographer gifts (for yourself or for someone else :-):

Love this adorable necklace from Hipster Designs on Etsy - "My other camera is in a catalog." Haha, isn't that how we all are - wishing for the next model up. :-) Only $3.49!

Camera Earrings from DistinctlyIvy on Etsy - Cute little earrings with pearls. $7.98

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