Monday, December 17, 2012

Random Favorites | Personal

Today's post has... well, nothing to do with photography. Sorry. Just some completely random and unconnected things I've kinda been loving recently...

Lindt Lindor truffle bars... All right, so this isn't exactly random, and it isn't really a recent discovery since Lindt Lindor truffles have been my one true chocolate love for quite some time. But it's only lately we have discovered truffle BARS, which means it's the chocolate heaven of Lindor truffles in a bar made up of 18 individual pieces. This is seriously dangerous because they aren't individually wrapped, so once you open up the bar, the whole thing is just sitting out in the open and the pieces are so small it's easy to just keep popping them in your mouth... like popcorn... only waaaaay better.

Foyle's War. Combine England, 1940's, a host of likable characters, brilliant acting by Michael Kitchen and a great supporting cast, and a good plot... yep, I like it pretty well. :-) I never thought of myself as a person who liked watching murder mysteries; then I watched my first Poirot and liked that, and watched Sherlock, and liked that... but Foyle's War tops them both in my opinion. And yes, I freely admit that being set in the 1940's has LOT to do with that.

• Oberweis chocolate milk. Where has this stuff been all my life?? I'm telling you, it has changed my world. That sounds dramatic, but I think it's worthy of the drama. I always thought chocolate milk was for little kids. I stand corrected.

• Dresses. Until this year I never really wore them... just for formal occasions. Other than that it was tops and skirts 99% of the time. This year I acquired several more "everyday" dresses and I'm in love. It's so easy, you don't have to match a top and a skirt, they are comfortable, and they work for summer or wear them with a cardigan for winter. Plus they make me feel so feminine. I'm especially fond of eShakti... I love their retro inspired designs and I LOVE that I can customize it - add sleeves, add length, change the neckline... pretty fabulous! Now, if only my purse was as fond of them as I am... :-)

• Frozen yogurt. Yes, I have joined the crowd. It seemed to me that everyone was raving about frozen yogurt, and I thought it must just be some weird fad... after all, I'd only really had frozen yogurt at buffets before and let's face it, it tastes like watery ice cream. Sort of. Well, our friends treated us to Yogen Fruz a week or so ago and I was enlightened. :-) I had strawberry and it was sooo good. Fresh, real strawberry taste... just yum. I don't think I'd be real interested in trying the chocolate, coffee, etc. types of flavors since I think yogurt and fruit are the best and wisest pairing flavor-wise. But I'd definitely go back for the fruit flavors! Delicious!!

Thanks for putting up with my randomness today. :-) Come on back later this week for some senior portraits!


  1. Basically... you have really good taste. yupyup. ^_^ We need to have a froyo date sometime!!

    1. Let's plan it! Once I've had it twice, then maybe I will be qualified to use the official lingo... after all, it just takes WAY too long to say or spell F-R-O-Z-E-N Y-O-G-U-R-T. *winks*


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