Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Taylor | Senior

I'm telling you, I have worked with some very brave girls the last couple of months. We've had a photoshoot scheduled and the day would be FREEZING... but, nothing daunted, they proceed to pose in short sleeves and somehow manage to look amazing! (While I snap away in the [relative] comfort of coat and gloves). I don't know how they do it but they don't even show any signs of being cold in the photos. If it was me, my nose would be red and I'd have a clenched teeth sort of smile that just screams, "I'm shivering!"

Taylor was in the cold-but-amazing category. (Unlike me). Sunset is a beautiful time to shoot but it's also the time when the temperature starts dropping! She posed like a pro and we got her senior portraits done in half an hour! Enjoy!



  1. Beautiful work, Kathryn!! You did great for just 30 min. ;) Looove that light in #3 and #4!

  2. She really rocks the serious face! :) Great job again, sis! I think my favorites are the field pictures!

    1. Me too! Fields and I get along nicely.

    2. I LOVE her serious face pics!! I am an utter fail at the serious face. :-) She looks.....epic.
      Great job Kathryn!!!

    3. Haha, everyone thinks they can't do the serious face. Generally untrue. :-) But yeah, Taylor sure has it down!

  3. Awesome pictures! It doesn't look cold at all. At least you're not in the rainy season- over here it has been raining every single I have to schedule morning sessions. :(

    I love the field pictures, the lighting and field just seems to be perfect together.

  4. Great composition and love the warm editing! Great job!

  5. Love these pictures! The warmth of the golden hour (ahh my favorite!! :) just makes them great. I love her serious face ones. :) some can do that, some can't! :)


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