Friday, February 1, 2013

Glenn & Emily | Wedding

I've never been to a wedding quite like Glenn & Emily's. They intentionally kept things simple, choosing to focus the day on the marriage that took place, instead of on a big elaborate wedding event. There were no attendants; just the two of them covenanting before God, with their friends and relatives looking on. After the ceremony, everyone gathered in the church hall for fruit, coffee, and fellowship.

After helping with planning so many weddings, with all the stress and juggling that goes on, there is something to be said for a low-key wedding. There certainly wasn't any less joy in the absence of tons of decorations and a 3-course meal!

I realized afterwards that this was my first time shooting an indoor wedding. I guess most of my friends like the outdoors. :-)

Always one of my favorite moments.

Emily, you are so beautiful!!

Making it official. :-)

Congratulations, Glenn & Emily, and blessings on your new life together!


  1. What a beautiful ceremony. It's refreshing to see less fuss. Well done on the indoor shoot.

  2. I love the simplicity! So touching and beautiful. Those were really good indoor pictures!

  3. I love those simple weddings, no fuss and buss, just concentrating on making sacred commitments to one another before God. That's quite romantic :) Your photos look absolutely lovely, I always have such a hard time with indoor shots.

  4. That's a lovely simple wedding. Rather refreshing to see. =)
    The "flowering" fruit basket is such a neat idea!
    I agree, these indoor photos turned out nice and sharp, with normal colors. The b&w are lovely too.


    P.s. What program do you use to put your watermark on you photos?

    1. They got the fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements - very cute!

      I created the watermark and saved it as a PNG with Photoshop Elements, and then Lightroom 3 (and above I'm guessing) has the option to put the watermark on the photos when you export them.

  5. You did a beautiful job! You really captured the simplicity and beauty of their wedding. Hats off to you. :D

  6. Great job on your indoor wedding! The ceremony was truly beautiful!

    I LOVE her dress!! :)


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