Monday, March 18, 2013

Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger | Review

If you read wedding blogs or wedding photographer's blogs, you've probably seen a few shots of the wedding dress with one of these adorable personalized hangers. The wire that connects the bottom is bent to form the name of the bride. I really liked these, since it adds a personal touch to the images instead of just being a generic picture of a wedding dress.

While I was preparing to shoot Aaron & Megan's wedding, I hopped on Etsy just to see if there were any of these hangers for sale. I found Emily's Emporium - they specialize in these custom hangers, as well as some other fun personalized wedding favors and gifts. There are several other sellers on Etsy who offer similar hangers, but I chose Emily's Emporium because I loved their round, curly script and was impressed by the evenness of the writing.

I got two hangers; one personalized for Megan, and another one that just says "Bride," which I could use for anyone. They came securely packaged, wrapped in tissue paper. They're just beautiful... I chose the dark cherry finish and I LOVE it! It's so rich and glossy. The wire is very thick and the writing is neat and uniform. Definitely a quality, keepsake product.

I opted for plain hangers, but Emily's Emporium also offers decoration options, including flowers, rhinestones, bride/groom sets (one white with a flower, and the other black, painted like a tux!), and different colors. You also have a choice of several "fonts"... mine are Classic script, but they also have Romantic script, or Modern script.

If you're getting married, I highly recommend you check out Emily's Emporium... a personalized hanger adds a special touch to your wedding day and looks great in photos (which is what it's all about anyway, right? ;-).

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