Monday, May 6, 2013

Desmond & Carolyn | Wedding

One of the first things we learned about Carolyn after meeting her was that she had a special someone in Ireland. Yes, people... Ireland. (I know, I know, cue "oohs and ahhs"). Last summer Desmond moved over here to be close to Carolyn - which tells you something about how special she is to him, if he'd forsake IRELAND for Illinois. :-) It's been so fun getting to know them... they're so cute and funny, and they so obviously love the Lord.

Their wedding day was beautiful and Christ-centered; no chaotic flurries of activity and stressful episodes, just friends surrounding two people joining their lives together and covenanting before God. It's a beautiful thing!

Desmond & Carolyn, you know I wish you all the best in your married life, and thank you for the great honor of including me as part of your day! Enjoy the pictures!

Sweet little baby girl belonging to Carolyn's best friend...

Carolyn wore her mother's wedding dress!

She had a photo of her father pinned to her bouquet in his memory.

It's obvious that Carolyn and her mom share a strong bond... they were such a joy to watch throughout the day!

Note from his bride... and he obviously liked what it said. :-)

This next set was hilarious. They had chocolate cigars and wowie, did they have fun with them. :-) We all laughed so hard!  (Desmond, you're probably going to kill me for posting these on the world wide web... but I can't help myself.)

Desmond was the most adorable groom you could ask for. He grinned at Carolyn pretty much non-stop.

Carolyn's children's choir sang... so sweet!

Joy abounding!

Back for more pictures! This worked out nicely because we didn't have to cram bride and groom pictures, and bridal party pictures in between the ceremony and reception.

Desmond works at Starbucks, so we had to stop in for coffee. :-)


  1. Kathryn, these are all just lovely. I especially love the chocolate cigar sequence, and the black & white shots of the bride entering the chapel. I found myself grinning the whole time I was looking through these; so much joy! :)

  2. I love this post!! The one of Maddie hugging Carolyn is my favorite! Another set of great great pictures, sis!

  3. What a radiant bride. :)

    That first shot of her ring is gorgeous! Nice job with these, Kathryn. Keep 'em coming. ;)

  4. Got all teary looking at these again. Didn't realize she had the picture of her daddy on the bouquet. Such a beautiful and wonderful day. Great job - again!

  5. These made me happy, just looking at all that happiness on those faces!!

    I love your work, Kathryn. =)

  6. Lovely, lovely photos! I love that the bride wore her mother's wedding dress, so beautiful!

  7. Wow, you did a wonderful job. My favorite picture(s) are the ring details! Just gorgeous!

    1. Hehe, me too! I was squealing over those! :-)

  8. What a beautiful wedding! The photos you captured are just gorgeous. Wonderful job, Kathryn!

  9. I can't get over the sweetness of these pictures! Beautiful job, Kathryn!

  10. First of all, Carolyn has THE sweetest bride smile! =D My favorites are definitely the ones where you have them dancing - I've always loved that idea, and yours turned out so beautifully! You really did a wonderful job, Kathryn!

  11. great! photos, what a great day that was. I don't think there were 2 pictures of them NOT smiling! hope you didn't want any "serious" pics cause they definitely weren't looking very serious or sober! happy pictures make for wonderful pictures, in my opinion!!!


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