Monday, June 10, 2013

Miriam | Senior Portraits

I had so much fun shooting Miriam's senior portraits a few weeks ago! It threatened rain, but we decided to go ahead with the shoot anyway. It was sprinkling when I arrived at the family farm, but we just headed into the barn and by the time we were finished in there, the rain had stopped and the sun was fighting to get through the clouds. I love that kind of light!!

The farm is an amazing place to shoot - there is so much variety right at your fingertips! I'm telling you, they should charge admission to let photographers take pictures there. :-) While they're at it, they could also provide models for an additional fee... Is this girl beautiful or what?



  1. She's lovely and so photogenic. I love the horse pictures. So natural. You captured a lot of different sides of her. :)

  2. This farm themed shoot is so lovely! Love the photos of her and the horse especially.

  3. Lovely! I liked the one with the horse when it had grass sticking out of it's mouth! :D

  4. Oooh, she has the prettiest hair! Naturally curly and all... <3
    I really like the first two black and white at the top and the one where you used the door to frame both her and the horse!
    Wowsers...that light is really lovely. =)



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