Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lydia Margaret | Newborn

Very few things make me as happy as holding a newborn baby. They are so tiny and warm and squishy. I almost wish they would never grow up at all (though in that case the world would be a sad place).

So you can imagine I had a lovely morning with this little doll. She's a born model. Awake part of the time, asleep part of the time, and only cried twice I think. I should hire her to teach all newborns how to behave for photo shoots. And by the way - is her name not the darlingest name you ever heard? Enjoy the sweetness!

I did not ask him to do that. :-)


  1. Precious! Love love love the super up-close one of mama and baby!

  2. Children truly are a heritage from the Lord. Beautiful job Kathryn!
    I am sure they will always treasure these captured memories.


  3. So sweet... *sigh*. I love babies :) Great photos.

  4. Beautiful! Love the ones with the older brother - just precious. :)

  5. ❤These are adorable, great job!

  6. These pictures are beautiful. Great job Kathryn! I'm sure it was a fun photo shoot! Can never get enough of babies, that's for sure!

    Laura Fishman

  7. Congratulations to the Wilkins & BB Luke! Gorgeous, beautiful and sweet photographs!


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