Monday, August 5, 2013

Wes & Kate | Royal Oak Farm Orchard Wedding

There is something so special about a Christian wedding. Most weddings are beautiful, even if they aren't necessarily Christian, but I think Christian weddings really top them all, because they understand what it's really about. It's not about making you happy, or even making each other happy (though that's part of it). It's about Christ, and mirroring His love.

I loved working with Kate and Wes! Kate and her mom let me tag along to come see the venue ahead of time prior to the wedding day, and we all prayed together about the day. When I arrived on the wedding day I was greeted with a hug from Kate's mom and felt like family! :-)

There were so many little heirloom-y things that made this wedding special. The fact that Kate wore her grandmother's opal necklace; that they cut their cake with the same knife that Kate's parents used at their wedding; that her grandfather built the beautiful arbor under which they were married. I love it when there are small things like that - they don't make a huge difference to the average person attending, but they make the day so personalized.

Wes & Kate, it was a joy and an honor to document your wedding. Many blessings to you as you begin your life together and live it for God's glory!
Many thanks to Wendy for second shooting this wedding with me! Several of these shots are hers!

Such a fun bridal party! They were up for anything!

Role reversal... :-)

Kate's parents have a photo like this from their wedding and it hung in the photographer's storefront for months. Haha!

The guests were served different kinds of pie and ice cream, served by the bridal party
They had the best first dance I think I've ever seen!

After the first dance, we slipped out to the orchard for a few more couple photos as the sun was setting. Love these!

Love this shot from Wendy!

Venue: Royal Oak Farm Orchard
Wedding dress: Complete Bridal
Florals: Everything Floral
Catering: Crystal Lake Rib House
DJ: Sheer Vinyl


  1. These are terrific shots! Great job capturing it. :D

  2. Awwww! Such a lovely wedding, thanks for sharing :)

  3. These are INCREDIBLE. Great job. I LOVE the one of them dancing in the orchard.


  4. so so pretty! LOVE the venue and how it was decorated! also, crazy how all 3 rings are exactly like mine and Richard's! totally the same I think! so what it comes down to...I love this couple's style!

    1. Isn't that funny! I didn't realize how similar they are!


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