Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE in the Shop!

Good morning, folks! I trust you all had a delightful Thanksgiving, and I hope not too many of you are feeling sleepy-eyed and in need of a nap from shopping till you drop at 3am. I know I'm not, because I didn't go… I have only been out Black Friday shopping once, and it was at 2pm and still a madhouse. I don't think I'll repeat the experience unless I am in dire need of something… and maybe not even then.

But… that doesn't stop me from picking up some deals online! And so long as you haven't spent all your money at 3am this morning :-), head over to my shop because the entire shop is 40% off! This is the only time prints are on sale at this big of a discount. AND for blog readers only, use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY for an extra 10% off! Now, how can you not buy something? ;-)

*UPDATED* Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the American Duchess photo contest. Sadly, the voting was closed because someone was manipulating the system. Thanks again for your support! :-)

Friday, November 22, 2013

G. Family | Portraits

I had the pleasure of taking family pictures for this sweet family… they've got some ridiculously cute kiddos! It was chilly but they were troopers and did a great job! You never know how kids are going to behave in front of the camera; but I seriously considered hiring them as models. :-)

Stinker. :-)

Classic Laura!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Laura | Portraits

Hey everyone! I apologize for the quiet blog -  I meant to get these up last week while I was on vacation in SC, but… that obviously didn't happen. I was having too much fun.

Anyway. This is Laura. Amazing friend, fantastic photographer, and beautiful person inside and out. We did a photo shoot where we both took pictures of each other, because both of us have a hard time being in front of the lens and generally are very hard to please when it comes to pictures of ourselves. We decided if we each got 1 or 2 pictures that we liked of ourselves, we'd consider it a smashing success. Well… both of us like somewhere in the ballpark of 15, and even more that we tolerated. Impressive, I know. We have serious skills.

Laura, I'm so grateful for your friendship. You are delightful (and yes, the fact that your love of Starbucks and chocolate rivals mine does have a fair amount to do with that). Love you!

Beautiful eyes!!

Laughter is so much a part of who she is, I'm glad we captured it!

Laura, please don't kill me for posting the one on the left… I love it. It epitomizes your outlook on life!


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