Monday, December 16, 2013

Joseph & Sheri | Engagement

All right folks… get ready for a fairly photo heavy post. :-) I met Joseph & Sheri in Lake Geneva in late October for their engagement photos, and OH my goodness, it was freezing! I don't know if it was literally below 32ºF, but it was that sharp, biting, chill-you-to-the-bone kind of wind - and right on the lakefront too! Since we were there, we decided to just go ahead and do the shoot, not thinking we'd last for a whole hour and a half. Amazingly, we did, though coffee was in order afterward! They were troopers and managed to look fabulous in spite of the fact that they were practically becoming human popsicles! You'd never know it to look at the pictures.

But, since it really wasn't the most fun experience in the world to feel completely numb during your engagement pictures, they asked if I'd mind doing a second engagement shoot for them on a warmer day. Of course I said yes, especially when I heard it involved fire trucks and ambulances… :-)

I loved shooting with these too and I'm excited for their wedding coming up in March!! Enjoy!

One of my favorites!


Ok, here's where I really felt like a legit photographer. ;-) Joseph is a fireman, so we went to the fire station and they pulled the truck out for us!

That ring… so pretty!!

Next we headed to the rescue base. They are both EMTs and that's how they met! And we got the ambulance out to shoot with! These are my kind of props, people! :-) It's so fun when couples incorporate something that's really them in their shoot!


  1. Pictures with firemen. That's cool. :D

    I love the colors in your shots of them on the pier!

    1. Isn't it though? It was super fun!!

      Thanks!! The pier shots are some of my favorites. :-)

  2. My favorites are the ambulance ones! I love how personalized they are. :-)

  3. These are beautiful! Excellent job! :)

  4. Beautiful work, Kathryn:) And how fun to get to use those epic props!


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