Friday, March 7, 2014

Christian & Renee | Wedding

The day was cold and snowy, but inside things were warm and bustling with excitement. Christian & Renee's wedding day had been looked forward to for a long time. They have known each other since Renee was born, were best friends as kids, and that close friendship blossomed into a beautiful love.

They were married in the church that Christian's parents were married in, and where they were both dedicated as babies. It was an immense joy and privilege to be a part of their lovely wedding - the love of Christ was very evident throughout the whole day. Christian & Renee, I think God has great things in store for you as a couple! You're pretty wonderful. :-)
Huge thanks to Lauren Rae for second shooting this wedding with me!!

Such a gorgeous dress!!

Oh, Renee. You are so stunning.

FAVORITE. That dress. That window. !

I'm SO glad they braved the cold for their first look - worth it!

The groomsmen rated the kiss. Ha!

This kid was eyeing the cupcakes like they were a bunch of new friends to be made. :-)

Cake fight. ;-)

Congratulations, Christian & Renee! Blessings on your marriage!

Wedding Dress: Casablanca
Bridesmaid Dresses: Allure Bridesmaids, David's Bridal
Florals: Lemondrop Designery
Hair & Makeup: Tammy Jalovec
Wedding Coordinator: Candace Griffiths
Ceremony Venue: Medinah Baptist Church
Reception Venue: Trinity Lutheran Church


  1. Such beautiful work! I will recommend you to my friends and customers.
    Laury Kossoff

  2. Got all teary looking at these. Beautiful!

  3. *happy dance* Beautiful job, sis. You da best photographer!! :)

    (I love the window photos.....)

    1. Me toooooo. I wish I could take that window home with me!

  4. lovely job Kathryn! the falling snow makes everything look so dreamy!

  5. So we're out running errands and Lenna's on her phone and says "Sie, did you see Kathryn posted the photos of Renee's wedding"? I pretty much snatched the phone away from her ;)

    I LOVE them! Beautiful and stunning job as always. <3 Can't wait to work again with you in July.

    1. Oh, dear! My blog posts are inducing violent phone snatching! :-) Looking forward to shooting with you in July too!

  6. wow. How wonderfully beautiful.
    It was almost as if i had gone to the wedding myself.
    Great job with the photos! Many were very unique and different.
    I especially love the last one. Such an adorable couple :)

  7. Renee looks absolutely perfect.
    Beautiful photos!!

  8. Do you know where they got their cake topper? It's sooooo cute!

    1. I'm not sure! I'll see if I can find out for you!

    2. It was my mom & dad's from 22 years ago! :)

  9. Hello! I found your blog recently through Pinterest. When I clicked through I noticed we have several favorite photographers in common; your work is lovely and I appreciate your commitment to photography that is Christ-honoring! :) I especially loved the detail shots from this wedding.

    Lauren Carns

  10. great pictures Kathryn, as usual! And what fun to do a snow wedding!
    very pretty, love, Oma


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