Monday, July 14, 2014

1950's Polka Dot Photoshoot

There's always loads of fun to be had when we get together with Lily & Gretel, and our last visit together was no exception! We did our share of work, but on their last day here we decided to do an all-out 1950's day. We had done a similar thing several years ago, but decided it was high time to reprise the experience - and improve on it. 3 years later we have improved our hair, makeup, styling, and photography skills. :-) This time around we had a bit more of a theme too - all of us had polka dot dresses, with varying sizes of polka dots.

Our first stop was Steak & Shake for lunch. We walked into the restaurant and every. single. person turned and stared at us with gaping mouths. We've never experienced a reaction quite like that before when we have gone out dressed up together. Generally we get some smiles and some little girls pointing, but never have we had all heads turned our way with completely blank expressions. :-) We were starting to think maybe this wasn't such a great idea, but we were hungry so we went ahead and got burgers. By that time I think everyone adjusted and so when we got shakes, we moved up to the bar to take a couple of pictures.

Complete with chef photobomber. :-)

After our fun lunch, we headed out to recreate some 1950's poses. We found some old photos and ads from the 50's on Pinterest, and did our best to copy the poses as exactly as we could. I think we amused some bystanders across the river. :-) I think the copies could be more exact, but they're pretty good for having to put the camera on timer and run back and forth (in heels!)!

Original photo via Pinterest.

Original photo via Pinterest.

Original photo via Pinterest.

Original photo via Pinterest.

After exhausting ourselves with running around, we called it quits and went over to Cruise Night which was just starting. We walked around and admired the old cars; it was Pontiac Night so there was a variety of cars. Come to find out, later this summer they'll have 50's night, as well as Model A/T night and Pre-WWII night! We'll have to go back!
Several car owners wanted to take our picture with their cars. In general we were treated like celebrities, which was kinda fun. :-)

We saw this darling yellow number rolling in and immediately pointed it out - and then it drove by and we recognized a gentleman from our church inside it! His friend owns the car and he was along for the ride. 

All in all it was a smashing afternoon. We're all excited for next time already!


  1. *grins* those cars were so much fun. And posing in those photos was p.a.i.n.f.u.l - I have no idea why they came up with those positions. Ouch.

  2. I LOVE the seconds one at the bar! So classic.

  3. LOVE this! So cute and such a fun idea! My sisters and I plus two good friends of ours love to dress up like different eras and get together too! I think you need a "pin it" button on your site! :)

  4. That looks like soooooooo much fun!! I wish my I had friends to do that with! :(
    I am at a loss about which dress I like best - they are all so gorgeous. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. I am jealous of us.


      Wait....... yeah.


  6. What fun! You girls all look fabulous!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  7. Agreed, no other words except smashing and fantabulous!!

  8. What gorgeous, fun photos! Aaahh! LOVE it! <3

  9. I can totally relate to running back and forth from camera to posing spot. Haha! Not fun ;) You ladies are absolutely awesome!


  10. Oh what fun! Y'all sure know how to have a good time. I literally laughed out loud over the thought of the racing back & forth in heels from camera to pose! :D

  11. These are fantastic! You all look gorgeous in those dresses; they're so pretty! And all the photos are fantastic like usual.


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