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Little Details that Make a Big Difference in Your Wedding Photos | For Brides

I think we can all thing of a scenario where something seemingly insignificant had a big impact. It only takes that one accessory to take an outfit from "meh" to fabulous. You'd never think to notice something so small as an accent piece in decor but you'd miss it if it wasn't there.

That's kind of how I feel about those little "extras" you might not think to include in your wedding pictures, but really help to document the overall feel of the day. I'm talking about things like grandma's handkerchief that's been passed down for generations, or your wedding invitation, or that special perfume he bought you. A photo of your wedding day perfume isn't a crucial, must-have shot by any means. But years down the road, you might look through those pictures and seeing the photo of the pretty bottle might bring the memory of that scent to mind when it wouldn't have even crossed your mind otherwise. It's purely sentimental (and to look pretty!), but a nice sentiment, I think. :-)

Wedding invitations are one of my favorite, and most overlooked, pieces to include in bridal details. You've spent time and money in sending a beautiful card to your guests - it's worth remembering! Plus, it looks great styled with your jewelry! Depending on your wedding jewelry, often a necklace shot by itself is kind of boring. It's way more fun to be able to lay it out with other pieces of wedding paraphernalia.

Another item that I'm kind of picky about is the rings! A lot of times I will show up and only the bride's ring is available. That's fine, of course, but you can get a lot more creative with your ring shots when you've got 3 rings to deal with! Besides, I like taking a ring shot at the engagement session, and if you don't include your wedding band and your groom's ring, it just looks like another version of the engagement ring shot. Check out the examples below:

This is pretty, but...

... this has a lot more impact and also screams, "WEDDING!"

Here's Jennifer's ring from her engagement session

And here's the wedding shot!

Things I like including in detail shots are:

- Wedding dress
- Veil
- Jewelry
- Bouquets
- Bridesmaid dresses
- Rings (hers and his!)
- Shoes
- Family heirlooms
- Perfume
- Invitations

It's super helpful if all of this stuff is gathered together in the bridal suite so nobody is scrambling to find things and I can shoot details in the quickest possible fashion!

I hope this encourages you to think about details you can include in your wedding photos to tell a more complete story! Have a great weekend!

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  1. These are lovely ideas for future reference. I really like the invitation one. I would want to keep one too; a friend of my mom put my mom's invitation and a copy of vows together and quilled around them. Something like that would be nice for an anniversary photo session I imagine.


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