Tuesday, September 30, 2014

South Carolina | Personal

Well! What a month this has been! I feel like I have hardly been home. Which is probably because it's pretty much true. :-)

A few weeks ago I spent 10 days in South Carolina with my friend Wendy and her grandparents - it was delightful! The weather was nice, except for a couple of rainy days which we used for shopping. It was so relaxing and I got the darkest tan I have had in a very long time. :-) I didn't take a ton of pictures over the course of the vacation but I do have some from a few different days.

We went golfing one day... and that is the global "we." It translates to, "They golfed and I drove the cart." I hit a few balls at the driving range, but after my very first swing, which was beautiful, it was all downhill from there. :-)
Beautiful morning!

Such a pretty clubhouse!

Toward the end of our stay we visited a local garden. Not much was in bloom, but the big moss-covered trees were enough of an attraction. :-) I'll warn you, there is an excess of tree pictures to follow...

An obliging passerby volunteered to take our only picture we got together. :-)

Pros of two photographers traveling together - impromptu portrait sessions! :-)

We couldn't pass up taking pictures of each other with a perfect tree. Thanks, Wendy, for grabbing some pictures of me!

I just love the south...

So yeah. We have a thing for trees dripping with moss. :-) It was a wonderful vacation (thanks for taking me with you, Wendy!), and I can't wait to share some more pictures from our sunrise shoot on the beach! Coming soon!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ashton & Jennifer | Anniversary: Preview

I'm beginning to think that married love is quite possibly my very favorite thing to photograph. Can't wait to share more from Ashton & Jennifer's anniversary session!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Powers Kids 2014 | Portraits

It's that time of year again! I shot the annual Powers kids family portraits and I'm pretty sure they try to top themselves every year. I've been on pins and needles to post these, but of course had to wait until the formal presentation to the parents happened. This year, they pulled together a family shoot with a bohemian theme, complete with Indian headdress. No kidding. I love them - they're brave enough to do the crazy things that everyone else can't bring themselves to try, and it always comes out fabulous. ;-)

We did the pictures one glowy evening at their new farm, which is a darlingly picturesque spot. Enjoy!

They really pull off the serious look!

... just not for long. :-)

One seriously beautiful group of sisters!

Individual pictures of everyone (except Levi, he only wanted that one headdress shot. LOL!)

This kid. He can do the model face like nobody's business.

Slightly obsessed with this light!

One last shot of their beautiful property - the sunset was magical.

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