Friday, September 5, 2014

Get Your Photos Printed! | For Clients

Since we talked last week about sharing photos online, I thought that today we'd continue the "what to do with your pictures" discussion and talk about why you should print your photos!

#1: Prints are happy. They just are. You can put them in frames, you can send them in the mail, you can clip them to a string with clothespins, you can scrapbook them, and you can hang them all over your house to look at all the time.

#2: Digital just doesn't always cut it. Don't get me wrong, I love digital and the vibrance of an image on the screen. I love using PASS and that it has an online gallery and a mobile app, which allows my clients to have their pictures at their fingertips to show off wherever they are. :-) But nothing will ever beat holding hard copies in your hands; and maybe it's just me but I think it's a lot more romantic when a guy has a printed photo of his girl in his wallet, than when he just has her as his phone background (though I think he should still have her as his phone background ;-P).

#3: Prints maximize your investment. You spent a lot of money getting those photos taken! Make sure you're getting the most out of them. And prints are not that expensive, even professional ones (from me anyway... different photographers approach print pricing differently). Of course, you can also invest a little more in a beautiful canvas or other type of wall art (a post for another day - wall art options!).

Inspired to get your pictures on paper? I hope so! If you want to know what the benefit is to getting professional prints over Walmart, click here!

P.S. I know that the blog has been quiet (read: silent) the past few Mondays. Unfortunately that is what happens when you plan to blog work on Mondays, but the work that you were about to blog gets cancelled for weather. Oops. That said... I have some good things in store for you coming up starting this coming Monday, so don't be a stranger!


  1. I loved your first point, particularly. :)

    I have a question, is there a place I can get pictures printed for my own personal use that you recommend? Thanks!

    1. I actually haven't tried any consumer printers, since I can get professional prints at cost for myself; but I have heard good things about, and I've also read that Costco produces a higher quality cheap print than Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc.


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