Friday, October 17, 2014

Life of Late | October 2014

Titling this post was quite the ordeal. It was going to be "What I'm Loving." I feel like that was a spin off of the McDonald's slogan. "I'm Lovin' It." Except, I'm much more sophisticated than that, so I phrased it more correctly. Though I suppose it should technically be, "What I am Loving." And that still doesn't sound right. Probably "What I Love" is the most concise version. I am completely overthinking this... and that's exactly what I have done for the past 20 minutes. I can be considered officially pathetic when I sit in front of the the thesaurus trying to come up with a clever post title. I even translated it into French, to see if that would make it sound fancier. "Friday Favorites"? Definitely cliche. "Current Favorites"? Boring. "Contemporaneous Choices"? (that is obviously the fruit of the thesaurus). Everyone will just think that's WEIRD. *sigh* Ok... "What I'm Loving." My brain is so tired I don't even know what I think of that!

Welcome to the world of an over thinker and a perfectionist. Sometimes, it is not a fun world. Creating blog post titles is serious and stressful business, ladies and gentlemen.

That's me, pretending to be a statue. Just as proof that I CAN loosen up. Sort of. Sometimes.

*deep breath*

Now that we have that out of the way, here goes the actual post. Once a month I'm taking a break from the "meaty" posts consisting of photography work, photography tips, and other such instructional posts. And I'm just going to talk about what is catching my eye this month or other randomness!

- It's October! One of my favorite months. Trees turn colorful this month and we pull out the fall sweaters, the tights, the boots. I get to wear my two cute, cool weather not-cold-enough-for-the-winter-coat coats. We drink more coffee and hot chocolate. We plan bonfires with friends. Part of me is sorry to say goodbye to summer because we had such a short one this year, but I'm still welcoming fall with open arms.

- The 1940's. That's nothing new, but I've just been really into it lately. Having so much fun looking at old ads and pictures on Pinterest. I love this picture.

- A couple of weeks ago I happened to be browsing Craigslist and stumbled across this darling little desk. A few emails later, we were headed out to look at it and brought it home. Some of you may know that my bedroom remodeling project has been... well, quite a process shall we say. It is so fun to have such an adorable new piece to take the room another step in the right direction! And it's the perfect home for my vintage cameras and photographs.

- I cut my hair! It hasn't been quite this short in a long time. It was a spur of the moment decision the day before leaving for Remembering WWII. It's just hair - it'll grow. :-) And right now I'm rather enjoying something different!

- I don't know what happened to me, but this year I seem to have turned into the stereotypical girl who loves shoes. As a very little girl, I definitely loved any "clacky shoes" (anything with a heel!) but as I got older I always just had shoes purely for practical purposes (by choice - I never wanted to buy more than I absolutely needed. Yep, one pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of winter shoes and I was set). Then... I must have gotten fashion conscious and now I realize how the right pair of shoes can make your outfit. My mom doesn't know what to make of me. Right now I have my eye on these in burgundy - I just love that color for fall!

- This recipe. The perfect, slightly spicy, not too sweet, cocoa-esque concoction. And it's healthy! It looks kind of weird, but believe me... it's delicious!

I'll leave you with a couple of previews from last week!


  1. I thought we named it "Ecuadorian Spiced Cacao Latte"?

    1. Yeah... well, I thought the post already had enough weirdness in it. ;-)

  2. So I haven't been commenting much lately, but thought it was pretty funny: I'm not going to lie. I seriously have a blog post in my drafts with this exact same title, but never got around to publishing because I wasn't happy with the title. Ah!! So horrible. =P Anyway, the previews are beautiful! Excited to see the maternity shoot, especially. =)

  3. This was great! I loved your less "professional" vibe. I too love 1940's and fall, thanks for sharing!

  4. That desk is adorable! I love how you adorned it with vintage cameras. :)

    Oh my, I have the most trouble coming up with creative blog titles! Not one of my strengths!

  5. I love this whole post! I like it when bloggers come "down to earth" so to speak, and just share some fun details about their everyday life. Thank you!! :-)
    You are so right...titling blog posts is most certainly a traumatic affair!!
    I adore the 1940s right now too and have been sewing dresses from that decade.
    And, I got my hair cut too! Doesn't it feel wonderful to have it a little different once in a while?
    I looovve your desk!!
    Thanks for the lovely life post, Kathryn!!

  6. Oh dear...titles for posts, it has to be the MOST FRUSTRATING PART of blogging! Leastways, when the content of the post isn't from a session. ;) I have trouble thinking up good titles too...
    To tell you truly though, whatever you title your posts, they are always a delight to read and look at! =D And I should think that that is what counts most. =)


  7. that desk though. I'm in love.

    1. I know, right?! Come over and write on it!!!

  8. what a great desk Kathryn! Just love it. Such a lucky find :-)
    like the rest of the blog too, getting to know you just a little bit better…..(Oh, and you make a beautiful statue!)
    love, Oma


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