Monday, November 10, 2014

Frank & Katherine | Wedding

Katherine contacted me before she was even officially engaged to make sure I'd be available to shoot her wedding. :-) We went through quite the process of finding a date that she could find a venue and that I was available and in the end, she moved her wedding date just so I could shoot the wedding! That's dedication! It means a lot to have someone love your work that much. :-D

Frank and Katherine's day started out chilly and a bit rainy, but by the end of the day it was a beautiful autumn afternoon. It was an honor to capture this wonderful, Christ-centered day - enjoy the pictures (there's kind of a lot of them)!

And huge thanks to my second shooter and "shadower"/assistant, Laura and Renee! They were invaluable and I'm using several of their shots in this post!

I always love when my couples do a first look! It opens up the schedule so much and allows for capturing some priceless moments!

I think he liked the dress. :-)

They nailed the cheering shot on the first try! :-)

Time to get married!

Due to the number of guests at their wedding, they had a big cake reception following the ceremony and a smaller dinner reception in the evening.

Before heading into the dinner reception, we took some more couples portraits around town and I am SO glad we did this. They are some of my very favorite images of the day! I highly recommend still taking some portraits after the wedding even if you do a first look!

*happy sigh* I will always love classic architecture.

Candid, folks. Apparently they're just naturally models.

Ok, hilarious moment. We were walking back from the riverfront and these two guests were waiting with armfuls of leaves and proceeded to fling them dramatically on the bride and groom. It was hysterical and also made for a pretty great shot, so thanks, guys! :-)

It's now my official challenge to get a candid picture of Justin & Jessica when they don't know they're being photographed at every wedding we end up at together. :-P

Dress: David's Bridal | Bridesmaid dresses: David's Bridal | Ceremony venue: Lincolnwood Baptist Church | Reception venue: Veterans Memorial Hall


  1. these are entirely fantastic.

  2. Wow. Just wow! They could not have timed their wedding better for amazing fall color! Those trees!! Beautiful photography. :) -A

  3. Really loved these shots. :) Beautiful beautiful!


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