Monday, July 28, 2014

Post-Storm Portraits | Catching Up

Today I'm posting pictures from November... a cold, wet November day when a huge storm came through and felled three of the largest trees on our property. The biggest one was a huge one close to the road; it fell across our driveway and missed a car literally by inches. Thankful for the Lord's protection that day! One of the other trees, if it had fallen the opposite direction, would have crashed right through my bedroom.

Anyway, after the storm blew over, before we cleared the driveway, Tara and I had to take advantage of the fantastic photo opportunity. :-) It's not everyday you have a big tangly mess of branches laying in your yard! I just never got around to posting the pictures till now. So... enjoy some damp November on this sunny July day!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Introducing Cosmo! | Personal

Last week I popped in quickly to post a few phone pictures of our new kitten. He still didn't have a name, and I only put up three pictures. Today that situation is being rectified. :-) I'm sorry this post is a day late, but I literally ran around all day yesterday and didn't have time to get it up!

We debated a long time over his name. We weren't really planning on getting a kitten - it happened suddenly that a friend of ours offered him to us - and so we didn't have names picked out already. We tossed around some literary names, since Tara's dog is a Dickens puppy (Chivery - from Little Dorrit), but none of them really stuck. Finally, we settled on Cosmo, named after Cosmo Brown from Singin' in the Rain, which is one of our favorite old movies. They have matching blue eyes and similar crazy personalities. ;-)

(As a side note, when I was little I got so creeped out by the part where he sits next to and wrestles the dummy. It's amazing how much goes over your head when you're 6).

Spying on the other cat. :-)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Frank & Katherine | Engagement

I've been sitting on pins and needles waiting to share this beautiful session ever since it ended! :-) It threatened rain and I was pretty sure we'd have to cancel it, but that morning I checked the forecast and it was only a 30% chance of rain until 2pm. We'd planned to meet at 5:30, but by then it was supposed to storm. Frank & Katherine were so flexible and willing to move the shoot up to 12:30 and risk that 30% winning out. It worked in our favor because we had beautiful cloud cover and we had the entire Klehm Arboretum to ourselves!

I love these pictures so much! Katherine & Frank, you two are one incredibly good looking couple. :-) Enjoy some favorites... or rather, a lot of favorites!

So much beauty!

This second set is my favorite - love how their outfits compliment the beautiful garden so perfectly!!

Katherine, you are stunning! And so happy. :-)


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