Tuesday, July 28, 2015

City in the Sky | Personal

There are some things that just make me shake my head and wonder, is this real life? I'm a pretty blessed girl to get to do things that the average person probably will never get to experience. One of these instances was a week or so ago, when we took a short trip to Chicago. I've been to Chicago lots of times, but never seen it quite like this before...

My grandfather is a... shall we say... well connected individual. :-) He has done a lot and been many places, and met loads of people. And some of those friendships turn out quite advantageously for his extended family (aka, us). Thanks to the generosity of one of his friends, we spent a couple of nights in a penthouse at the top of the Trump Tower, with sweeping birds-eye views of the city. The apartment itself was gorgeous, and the view was incredible. I could lay in my bed and look straight out at the Sear's Tower (oops, I mean the Willis Tower... ;-). It was especially spectacular at night when the city lights were shimmering away as far as the eye could see... The photos don't do it justice.

Unfortunately we had a cloudy day when I finally pulled my camera out for daytime photos of the view, but being literally in the clouds made for a neat effect as well!

Phone panorama. :-)

A helicopter flew by our window (a lot closer than it looks from the photo!)

I now have a slight obsession with black and white checkerboard floors.


  1. Um. Wow. What an experience! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Kathryn :)


  2. Oh my!! That is one gorgeous apartment!! The part that reallllly got to me was the kitchen!! How gorgeous!
    Congratulations on the fun getaway! Beautiful photos, as always.

    1. The kitchen was amazing! I didn't actually get pictures of them but the dishwasher was in two drawers in the island, and the fridge told you how many ounces of water you were dispensing into your cup. Pretty awesome. :-)

  3. Wowee...when can I meet your grandpa?? ;) What a special trip, what 'richness'!

  4. Amazing apartment! And those night time pictures - wow.

    1. Amazing is a good word for it. :-) I wish the photos could really capture how incredible the view was at night!


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