Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scott & Jaclyn | Wedding

Shooting a dear friend's wedding is such a fun experience. I'm always happy to just attend friends' weddings but there is something special about getting to spend the whole day with them, in all the biggest moments of the wedding day. Though I haven't known Jaclyn as long as some of my other friends, we've grown pretty close in the last few years and it was a very special privilege to photograph a day for which we had been praying so much!

It was a gorgeous November day and such fun seeing all the literary details incorporated into the decor!

Thanks to Joanna Kay Photography for helping me out with this wedding!!

Venue: Baker Memorial Church
Florals: Lemondrop Designery
Dress: David's Bridal with alterations


  1. Beautiful! And it doesn't even look like it's 14 degrees out! ;)

    1. Amazing, isn't it? Fake it till you make it... ;-) Thank you so much for your stellar second shooter skills!

  2. A very elegant couple, and a very pretty wedding. The photos are great.

  3. I loved looking through this pictures! You always take such beautiful photos. And I love winter weddings! I was excited to realize that the church is the same one a friend of ours - Chad Burns - got married in! Such an impressive setting!

    1. Thank you, Marjo! Oh, how fun! It was a beautiful church.


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