Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mini Rose Co. Product Shoot

Oh, this shoot was so much fun! You've met Amber before on the blog if you've been reading for a while; I filmed her family's adoption story last year, and I also blogged about the adorable literary tea party at her house.

Amber is definitely on my list of most creative friends; as her dad says, if she goes more than 36 hours without creating something, she starts getting cranky. ;-) She just opened up a new Etsy shop for her newest venture: copper garment racks!

I really love how versatile this piece is and how it can work with a lot of different styles. We tried to style it in a couple of different ways for some variety in the photos, and as I've mentioned before, I love taking pictures in Amber's house! And yes, that chalkboard wall is actually in her house. And so is the teal floor.

Eventually Mini Rose Co. will also be stocking some other products, like miniature doll house furnishings (seriously, take a look at Amber's Instagram and check out #RosiesDollhouse - I want to live in it), but for now, the Elisabeth Garment Rack is the inaugural product and it's lovely!

Go visit Mini Rose Co. on Etsy and add it to your favorites! And of course pick up a gorgeous and practical addition to your home decor!



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