Friday, March 3, 2017

Josh & Abbe | Maternity

I just love these pictures! I miss having Abbe close by but I am so happy for her to have found such a good man in Josh. He's smitten with her and it's pretty adorable.
Their cute little guy has since made his appearance, but of course I couldn't be on top of things and post these when they were actually taken. ;-) I was so glad it worked out to do coffee and photos when they were back up visiting over Thanksgiving!

Red doors seem to be a theme.
These belong to the church where they got married!

I like married people who make each other laugh.
Well, and make *me* laugh. ;-)



  1. Hello Kathryn!

    These are sweet pictures! It's so fun capturing friend's joy!

    Are you still doing pictures and/or blogging? I miss your posts!

    Sarah H.

    1. Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for commenting! I am definitely still shooting, I'm just *super* behind on blogging! Nice to know that you have missed it. :-) Hopefully I can get my act together and have some new posts coming out for you soon!

  2. Oh, good! I look forward to seeing the posts! :)

    ~Sarah H.


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