Hi. I'm Kathryn.

I'm partial to all things classic and timeless. I love old black and white movies, pencil skirts, red nail polish, any car that's from the 1950's or older, polka dots, handwritten letters, and pearls. I have a thing for white space and dark chocolate. I'm undeniably girly and always have been (I was the kid who played in the mud wearing plastic gloves. I wish I was joking.).

I'm passionate about creating beautiful images; photos that you will still love 50 years from now, that you will want to show your grandchildren and great grandchildren. A photograph is a powerful thing - it has the ability to freeze a moment in time and preserve it for posterity. And significant (or insignificant!) moments are worth preserving.

I'm a photographer, but that's not all I do; when I'm not working on photography projects, I am probably reading British literature, going dancing, calligraphing correspondence, cooking up a new recipe, or cuddling my friends' babies. What can I say, I love my life. :-)

Above all, I am a sinner saved by the grace of God in Christ Jesus. It is for His purposes and His glory that I exist.