Kyle & Anouk | Morton Arboretum Engagement

Last year was the year for family weddings! Anouk is my second cousin, and though she had been dating Kyle for years, I somehow had never met him until their engagement session. We planned to meet up at his apartment to drive to the shoot together, but because of a variety of unforeseen minor catastrophes, Anouk was running late so Kyle and I went ahead. I wasn't sure how it was going to go having to drive with this guy I had never met - sounded awkward - but it was the opposite. Kyle is just about the friendliest and most easy going guy you'll ever meet and I felt like I'd know him for ages within about 5 minutes. :) Anouk is awesome and I've known that for ages, so together, they make one very nice and extremely entertaining pair. 

I love when couples are comfortable enough to loosen up and be goofy during their session and this was a prime example. ;) We had a gorgeous morning at the beautiful Morton Arboretum and it was one of my favorite shoots of the year!