July 4th Fun

In spite of the triple digit temperatures on July 4th, we still spent part of the day outside at an Independence Day bash hosted by the Powers. I didn't get a ton of pictures (too busy chatting :-), but since I don't really have anything newer to post yet, I thought I may as well put these up.

Not the greatest photo aesthetically, but I had to take it.
I missed the 103ºF shot.

Loads of cookies and ice cream for ice cream sandwiches!

All right, Abbe, you asked if this was going on the blog... here you go! :-)
(By the way, can anybody say, "Cute aprons"?)

Volleyball... naturally. It's basically illegal to have a party without volleyball, isn't it?
That's my conclusion after applying observation and common sense deduction.

Can't end this post without a couple shots of my best little model-in-training... she catches on quick, no?

I'm hoping to have some more good posts coming up within the next month or so... perhaps a few portrait shoots, maybe my new blog design, and possibly a wedding. But remember: No promises made. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Allie | Newborn

Last month Wendy and I were privileged to be able to do a newborn session for one of the families from church. Though this one went a little differently than our previous one, in that little Miss Allie screamed her head off for the first 2/3 of the shoot, I still really enjoyed myself and would definitely like to do more newborns in future. Babies... I love 'em. And I tend to want to adopt every single one that I hold. Thankfully their mothers intervene or I'd have one full house...

Big Sister wanted to help :-)

And remembered her modeling skills from last time! :-)

We convinced Mom to get in front of the camera and I'm so glad she did!