A Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower | Personal

I'm afraid I am officially a blogging failure. I have the best of intentions to blog faithfully but life (and/or procrastination) too often gets the better of me! I'm grateful to those of you who still stick with me and my sporadic posting...

So. This year is rather a big year for us wedding-wise. No, I'm not getting married, but three of my closest friends are or have, and one of them is Emily, my "bosom friend" of 20+ years. It is wild to think we are old enough for this sort of thing, but very exciting all the same. :-)

I had to post pictures from her first bridal shower because it was just so cute!! The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany's, and while I honestly wasn't able to make it through that movie, it translated adorably into a bridal shower. We were all instructed to wear our best little black dress, pearls, and shades. The party was delightfully set up with everything in Tiffany blue, with the dining tables outside on the back porch. These ladies know how to throw a party. :-)

On arriving we were greeted with an assortment of jewels in case we needed to accessorize...

In the absence of an orange cat, Bertie had to suffice. This cat cracks me up!

Emily | Recital Poster Shoot

If you've been around this blog for a while, you'll recognize Emily. She was one of the very first people to let me experiment on her for a "real" portrait session, and I also did her junior recital photos with her recital partner. Hard to believe 2 years have passed already since taking those!

And even harder to believe that Emily is at the end of her studies at MBI! We've been friends since we were 3 and 4, so every new phase of life feels like we're not old enough to be there yet. :-) She's graduating next month and this past weekend had her senior recital - it was a gorgeous and flawless performance!

I love the rock bed and how her dress mimics a waterfall!