The Cookie Modeling Shoot

I love spontaneity. Especially with Laura and Kristen because it becomes us so well. :-) We went over to their house so that Tara and Kristen could practice some music for an upcoming recital, and so Laura and I could chat about flash options for a wedding we are shooting together (soooo excited about that, can't wait to share it with you all!!!). We were messing around with the flash stuff in their basement, and the music makers/cute model sisters came down bearing cookies.

That's always a good way to start things.

Next I think I said, "Ok, come over here and model the cookies," and being fabulous, they did. Hilarity ensued, since modeling the cookies also entailed eating a great quantity of them. Result: sugar high and adorable photos. I don't use the word epic but if I did this would be a time I would use it.

I hope you enjoy the randomness of this... these pictures are totally opposite of my normal style, but it served for flash practice and good memories. <3

This one just really cracks me up...

Here I admit that I pulled Tara from the shoot... not because I don't think she's a great model because she (obviously) is, but I was loving Kristen's outfit with the cookie tray so I wanted to try some with just the pop of red!
Sorry, Tara. Wear red next time and you can stay in for the whole thing.

The cookie plate... slightly diminished by now. :-)

I feel this terrible urge to put text on this one and make it into an ad for something...
Cookies? Serving dishes?
Red sweaters that could possibly make you look this cute but probably not because you're not Kristen?

In other news... It's Tara's birthday today! Happy birthday, little sis! :-D